Creating a Grief Journal

Writing down your experiences in a grief journal is a helpful way to process your grief. Grief is often an intense experience that can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. However, this intensity eventually lessens as you recover from your loss. Creating a journal is a good way to keep a record of your experience and help you remember all the special moments you shared with your loved one.
The Angel Catcher

The Angel Catcher in a grief journal is an uplifting, compassionate journal that has helped thousands of people heal from the loss of a loved one. Created by Kathy Eldon and her daughter Amy, the Angel Catcher journal offers guided journal pages and a collection of evocative paintings to help you work through your grief. It’s the perfect companion to help you move forward and celebrate the life of the person who died.

The Angel Catcher in a grief journal is designed to support the whole family, and is suitable for young children as young as four. It offers writing prompts that will help children and adults sort through the many emotions that often make grief difficult to understand. It includes a feeling chart and 100 writing prompts.
The Grief Workbook

The Grief Workbook is a fun, interactive way to process grief. It offers something for everyone – dark humor, word games, reflective prompts, and opportunities to share memories. Although it is a workbook for adults, it is a great tool for those dealing with the loss of a loved one.

The Grief Workbook has been designed to be interactive, and it considers the uniqueness of each individual’s experience of loss. It offers a variety of tools to help a person cope with grief, as well as educating them about the different stages. It teaches how grief affects the mind, as well as the body. The workbook was inspired by the author’s own experiences. When she was experiencing a loss, she started to write about her experiences.

The Grief Workbook helps grieving people find new meaning in the loss of a loved one. The book features four worksheets and 14 journal prompts. It also includes downloadable meditations. Other tools include self-care guides that offer practical ideas and suggestions on how to deal with grief.
Soul Catcher

A Grief journal is a helpful tool for dealing with the pain of a death. The journal contains prompts that encourage you to explore feelings and events surrounding the death. For example, you might write about the last meal that your loved one shared with you, or about a funny thing that happened while you were talking to them. A journal can help you sort through confusing emotions, and the journal’s daily structure helps you stay on task.

The journal is a thin, hardback book that features muted colors and glossy, high-quality pages. Its design is attractive, and it includes Bible passages with each prompt. You may feel comforted and reassured knowing that God is with you during this painful time. It’s also a durable, thin hardcover book, so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart.