Health Care – A Populist Solution

It should be clear by now that the American health system will not happily fix it from the top down. If we really have a free market system that is competitive and many insurance companies are committed to public business, that should drive down the cost of their services, right? How can our president be an honest dealer in his negotiations with wealthy health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and others who were the main contributors to his election? It won’t happen. These people have spent a lot of money and time putting their companies in a position where they have the most profitable game in town, and – as we have seen with the strong influence of Wall Street and this administration – they will not be. forced to give up everything just to make the Americans happy.

A recent article in the journal by T.R. Reid, which provides information on the administrative costs of various health insurance plans around the world, including ours. The US spent 20% of it all on books, research and marketing. European countries and Canada incur approximately 4-6% processing fees. Taiwan down to 1.5%! It should not require private investigators to investigate the halls of power in Washington to help us understand that the American people are in the grip of an uncompetitive and – dare I say it – corrupt system.

We have a system where people often get “access” to our political leaders with the help of well-connected lobbyists to make their views heard. Then, when election time approaches, mega donations flow into the appropriate party accounts in exchange for better laws that allow corporations to control our American economy. It’s a dance that’s done well here, but in third world countries, the same technique is called bribery and influence shopping. The result is the same no matter what we call it.

So how do we, as a nation, extricate ourselves from the misery of our health and economic institutions? It is very simple. We have to use one of the few freedoms we have left: to cover the companies that have been collecting us for years. And let go of the foolish notion that your elected representatives will be in good standing (for you and me) with the paying agencies.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You think, “If I lose my health insurance now and something happens to me or a family member, we’re going to fail!” You have a point there.

It’s a shame to live in fear that something beyond your control will happen to you, isn’t it? But what about the parts of your health that you can control? Many of our long-term disabilities begin with the simple everyday choices we make that lead to our weight, or if we smoke, if we drink too much. All of these can be controlled if we choose. I’m picky — and you? Are you doing everything you can to reduce your health care needs? There are many peer-reviewed health studies that show the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, along with daily cardiovascular exercise, are highly effective in lowering bad cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and maintaining good health. , etc. Are you and your family benefiting from a personalized health care plan?

Health reimbursement and health savings accounts offer more treatment options and lower costs

If you can sign up for a health savings account and live with a health insurance policy that has a $5,000 deductible, there are many benefits to that, not the least of which is the tax reduction you pay for unnecessary health care. NDIS disability service provider go under the standard health care law. . If you work in a high risk environment where there is potential for injury, this may not work for you. However, for most people, it will. How about getting rid of the pharmaceutical industry whenever possible?

Carefully review the prescriptions you and your family are taking. How many people are really needed? In many cases, Big Pharma has put together drugs that allow you to get by without changing bad habits of eating, drinking, smoking, and not getting enough exercise. They dreamed up a new “health condition” such as GERD (gastric reflux) which in many cases is caused only by what is called stress eating – you ate a bunch of fatty foods right before going to bed and, as your stomach and -break and work. To digest that rich mess, stomach acid supports your esophagus. Are you ready to stop eating like this, save money, and be part of a movement to get the attention of the pharmaceutical industry? Are you ready to stop eating pepperoni pizza for midnight? What are you willing to do to regain your independence from the health care and prepared food industry that is getting rich in one fight with your h