The KN95 Mask Black is an Effective Respiratory Protection Mask for a Variety of Contaminated Environments

The KN95 mask black is an effective respiratory protection mask for a variety of contaminated environments. It is a standard fit for most faces and has a convenient flat fold ear loop design that makes it easy to store prior to use. BNX, the manufacturer of the mask, is dedicated to producing quality American-made safety products. The black mask is a popular choice for construction, general manufacturing, oil & gas, transportation, and mining applications.

KN95 masks have been tested by a third-party laboratory and are made to meet the Chinese GB2626-2019 standard. They are stamped with “KN95” and the date of manufacture. In addition, they are regularly inspected and tested by Chinese customs officials to ensure compliance with government safety regulations. These masks are manufactured by factories that are on the government’s white list.

The company also sells kid-sized KN95 masks. These masks feature a three-layer melt-blown filter that catches 98% of microscopic airborne particles. These masks should fit children between eight and twelve years. They also come with adjustable ear loops to fit a child’s face.

The KN95 mask has many features that improve health and safety. A KN95 mask is effective for reducing the risk of infectious diseases by filtering small and large particles. It is also effective for preventing inhalation of airborne pathogens such as the novel coronavirus. For more information, contact SUNLINE Supply, an FDA-approved PPE supplier.

A high-quality respirator can make a big difference in your work environment. The KN95 mask is made of durable, multilayer filtration fibers. It has an NPPTL-certified filter that meets or exceeds ninety-five percent of the requirements for respiratory protection. It also has an adjustable nose clip that makes it ideal for a variety of facial structures.

The KN95 masks are available in many different styles and colors. You can choose from a standard design that has four-ply fabric or a black style that matches a fancier outfit. These masks are comfortable and durable and also come with ear loops for a secure fit.

The 3M N95 masks have a two-fold design that creates a decent-sized cup in front of the mouth and nose. The mask also comes with two straps that go over the head and neck. Whether you choose the black or white KN95 mask, you will be protected from contaminated air.