Transforming Cartagena From Ancient Into Modern

Cartagena lies on the south eastern side of Spain with a rich history that leaks out from each wall in the city. Cartagena is best found through a recreation walk around absorb the excellence presented through its way of life and history.

Verifiable minutes

It was the Carthaginians who set up this city in 223 BC with the name Quart Hadas or ‘new city’. Hannibal succeeded Hasdrubel as commandant with a better progress than the previous. Island Private Party in Cartagena Colombia turned into the Carthaginian capital with vital harbor position offers wellbeing from various enormous and rough scenes.

In any case, that couldn’t keep the Romans from vanquishing Cartagena in 209 BC. The Romans renamed Cartagena to Carthago Nova with the signifying ‘new carthage’. The Byzantines vanquished Cartagena with the Bedouins close at their heels. Subsequently, Cartagena has been luxuriously affected by the different societies that formed it right up to the present day.


Cartagena became renowned as an effective plug port with its essential area and deepwater office. It was prestigious for its bunch of marine exercises. Today, it is one of Spain’s critical ports in business economy while filling in as a maritime base.

The principal submarine was gotten at Cartagena port in 1884 and has stayed at the quayside as a traveler piece from that point forward. Cartagena is lucky to have a lot of metallic minerals and minerals to be dug for supporting its financial status.

Authentic sights

Cartagena offers numerous verifiable sights for the vacationers; these incorporate the Roman auditorium from the principal century which the Romans used to appreciate many expressive arts exhibitions. There is likewise Litema, an old Middle Easterner fabricated beacon that lies in ruins.

Perhaps of the best archeological site in Cartagena is Augusteum. One can see the value in the rich Spanish culture as well as the antiquated design that is remarkable and extraordinary in structure and abilities. This site was purportedly where Sovereign Augustus met with his ministry faction.

There are a lot of half day journeys around Cartagena in open top transports to see the best of Cartagena yet a more profound enthusiasm for the old remaining parts and structural structures are best found by walking.


Cartagena has bloomed into an effective plug city today with present day conveniences and extravagant hotels that are drawing a huge number of guests consistently. Shopaholics would adore the bunch of shopping amazing open doors from enormous shopping centers to interesting neighborhood create shops. Guests would partake in the plenty of water sports at Cartagena with fascinating marine life revelations.